This is a condensed version of the 11 page treatment of the film “Forever Seven”

            Our film shows two families in contrast and parallel with each other. The young driver that has been drinking and driving and his family and the seven year old girl he hits and kills and her family.

Teen and young adult drivers have very little concept of how large the ripples effect of drinking and driving can extend into their immediate family and friends. My own grandson is a perfect example of that and one of the factors for this movie. Luckily he did not have a wreck; He did however come home after a football game with the smell of beer on his breath after celebrating a Friday night win. When I asked him why he was drinking and driving his comment was: “Grandpa, why are you getting so ticked off? If I had gotten stopped and even arrested it’s not you who’s going to jail, it’s me”. I wanted to smack him right there, but I didn’t, I just proceeded to tell him what would happen if he did get stopped and arrested.

            In Oklahoma you are looking at about $5000.00 for bail and attorney’s fees just to get your butt out of jail, another $300.00 to $500.00 to get your vehicle out of impound. Heaven help you if you are involved in an accident and you injure or kill somebody.

(Some people call an accident, a crash.)

            We feel we have found a way to connect with most teen and young adult drivers that feel they are infallible when it comes to drinking and driving and even binge drinking.  Through our film, “Forever Seven”, we tell the story of a group of teen and young adult drivers that almost every teen around the world in that age group can identify with. Our drinking and driving person in the film hits and kills a seven year old girl. (the title of the film “Forever Seven”) Most parents across the nation want what is best for their children and hope they have taught and are teaching them the best values that will help them in life’s journey. The one thing we feel this film will do is show this age group of people that not thinking about the consequences of drinking and driving can bring financial ruin to them, their parents and their brothers and sisters if the inevitable happens to them. A tragic accident involving alcohol can deplete saving accounts for future education for the driver as well as his/her siblings and any immediate future plans the family might have had for something like a frivolous pleasures such as a much needed vacation. Homes have had to be mortgaged or even sold to pay court cost and attorney’s fees.

            If you ask 100 teen and/or young adult drivers (male and females) what would happen to their family if they were in an accident involving alcohol abuse, they will most likely tell you nothing because it is them not their family that is in trouble. The trouble and financial problems of an alcohol related accident goes much deeper than most of this age group can even imagine until the cold reality hits them in the face, then, it’s too late. Life for most families will simply start over at ground zero, broke and frustrated. The guilt and consequences from his/her actions will be with the drinking driver for years to come. Some will spend time in jail or even prison. Some have committed suicide, while some others feel totally washed up and never complete the journey they and their parents dreamed of them having.



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